Pitittieri Rods

By Jim Pitittieri    (413)-369-0002

Surf Rods

By Jim Pitittieri (413) 369-0002

Email to jim@pitittierirods.com

All rods are high quality 2 piece graphite blanks. Stainless 316 steel black guide frames with zirconia gold rings and graphite reel seats with stainless bands. Please note that some customization can be free of charge. If any of these stock rods are not exactly what you want, ask me about changes. ( Examples: Move the reel seat – FREE change; Do you want a casting (conventional) rod – FREE change. )

Stock Rods


9’ MEDIUM 2 pc (1-4 oz lures, 15 – 30 lb test) $169.00

9' HEAVY 2 pc (2- 6 oz lure, 20 – 40 lb test) $169.00

10’ MEDIUM (1-4 oz Lures 15–30 lb Test Line) $179.00

10’ HEAVY (2-6 oz Lures 20-40 lb Test Line) $179.00

11’ MEDIUM (1-4 oz Lures 15-30 lb Test Line) $189.00

11’ HEAVY (2-6 oz Lures 20-40 lb Test Line) $199.00

11’ 6" HEAVY (2-6 oz Lures 15-30 lb Test Line) $259.00

12’ HEAVY (2-6 oz Lures 20-40 lb Test Line) $299.00

Please add $40.00 to the above prices for Shipping and Handling in the Continental United States.
Please call for shipping costs outside of the U.S.A.

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Please specify which one you would like in the "Notes Section", and Thank You for your Purchase!

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Rod Blank - American Tackle Company ATX Series Graphite Blanks were designed for durability and uncompromised performance.

Guides – Atlas 316 stainless steel black frame. This TiCh (titanium carbide) plasma deposition for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Outlasted the competition in corrosion resistance by more than three times. The gold solid zirconia rings tested 50% stronger and slicker than standard guide rings. Perfect for superbraids. Sturdy 3 leg frame design make them ideal for medium to heavy spinning and casting rods. American Tackle Ring Lock™ guides are designed to reduce weight while increasing guide life and strength.

EVA Foam Grips - Ideal handle material for ultra-light rods to the heaviest off -shore rods. Light weight and extremely durable. Hard degree of density prevents chipping and wear. Comfortable textured gripping surface bordered by cork wrapped handle and foregrip.

American Tackle’s Epoxy Coatings - The first choice for many custom rod build builders around the world. And, some of the most prominent OEM rod manufacturers currently use this product and would consider nothing else. Their reasons are as follows: offers greater flexibility and thread protection with thinner coats. Spreads thin for thread saturation.

Graphite Real Seat – With stainless steel bands. The 11’ rod seat is positioned at about 25.5” from the butt. The 10’ rod seat is about 22” from the butt.